Mobicip parental controls setup - Windows

This article explains how to setup Mobicip's parental controls on your Windows Computers.

Before you begin, please ensure that

  • You are logged into the Windows computer as an administrator. We recommend you create separate standard Windows user accounts for each of your children.  We recommend parents to have an admin account on the computer. The above recommendations are to ensure that your children do not access Control Panel and uninstall Mobicip. 
  • Your Windows computer has Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11. Mobicip does not support older versions and Domain User/Active Directory setup. 
  • You sign up for a Mobicip account from the parent app on your device or the Mobicip website
  • You do not have Kaspersky or ESET anti-virus installed on your computer as it will prevent Mobicip installation.
  • You disable the default Windows parental controls as this may disable Mobicip.

Begin Setup:

Login as administrator on the Windows computer. 

Download Mobicip for Windows using the link below. Mobicip is not available on the Microsoft Store and you need to install it from here.

Mobicip for Windows

Download Mobicip using the link above, launch the installer and allow admin access to proceed with installation.

Read and agree to the terms of the software license agreement. Let the installation complete.

Once the installation is successful, close the installer by clicking on 'Continue'.

Double click on the Mobicip icon on the desktop and login with your Mobicip account credentials.

Review and accept the Data disclosure agreement and let the device registration process complete.

If you have Kaspersky or Norton Antivirus installed on your computer, make sure to uninstall the software for Mobicip Monitor to work seamlessly on the device.

On the next page, select your child’s Windows user account for which you wish to set up Mobicip parental controls. Connect the Mobicip child user to the Windows user account. 

You can add a Mobicip child user if you have not created one for the child already.

Repeat this process for all the children accounts on the computer. 

Once done, click on 'Complete Setup' and let the setup finish.

That's it! Your Windows device is now set up with Mobicip and you can handover the device to your child now. 

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